jueves, 30 de junio de 2011

Crime of Karen Blanco


Karen  Virginia Blanco Camargo  was shot to death, yesterday morning, according to Venezuelan media reported.

The model for 24 years and former participant in Nuestra Belleza Latina, was with her
​​boyfriend, Hugo Enrique Morales, 42, who also died in the shooting.

The couple was leaving a birthday celebration at a local city of Maracaibo, when he intercepted a car carrying the murderers, who opened fire without words.

Police said Morales tried to evade the gunfire, but was overtaken 10 meters from the vehicle. While Karen White's body was lying closer to the car. Also indicated that witnesses said the murderers attacked first against White and then against her boyfriend. They added that criminals were more than 40 shots.

White had arrived a few days ago to his native Venezuela after his participation in Nuestra Belleza Latina competition that did not enter the group of 12 finalists.

Family and friends say the young victim had received death threats.